Vacation Rental Housekeeping Professionals, or VRHP, is a nonprofit organization dedicated to the advancement of back-of-the-house vacation rental professionals. 

VRHP's mission is to be an industry champion, elevating guest experience through the operational excellence of our members.
Member Exclusives
VRHP Digital One Day Seminar
May 4, 2021

VRHP continues to provide housekeeping best practices and safety insights for all vacation housekeeping professionals. This seminar provides our VRHP members with education, a sense of community, and timely resources during this unpredictable time in our industry.

Join Durk Johnson for this one day digital seminar. Here he explores cleaning products, safety precautions, safety data sheets, and other insights for housekeepers in today's world. Visit the VRHP website for more information and to purchase.

Creating a Quality Job Description 
By Dave Roberts, Outer Banks Blue Realty Service
May 4, 2021

Over my 25+ years in leading personnel in various industries, I have found that the quality of the job description had the biggest impact not only on recruiting the right candidate, but also on setting proper expectations upon hire. In addition, referring back to the job description during regular employee performance reviews is helpful. Read more.

Worker Classification: 1099 Independent Contractor vs. W2 Employee 
By Brad Stewart, Stewart Mountain Lodging
May 4, 2021

“IF YOU DON’T KNOW, NOW YOU KNOW” To borrow a phrase from Treavor Noah of the Daily Show, this seemed to be a fitting introduction to a little known, but extremely important topic that every VRM should clearly understand. Why is this important? Because, not knowing the tax rules of worker classification can result in huge tax liabilities if you are audited for employment tax compliance. Read more.

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