Vacation Rental Housekeeping Professionals, or VRHP, is a nonprofit organization dedicated to the advancement of back-of-the-house vacation rental professionals. 

VRHP's mission is to be an industry champion, elevating guest experience through the operational excellence of our members.
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Member News
“Training Your Owners:” Common Onboarding Topics 
By Michelle Williams, VRHP Council Chair, Atlantic Vacation Homes
June 2021

Owner onboarding is extremely important. Whether you are working with new owners who have never rented their home before or seasoned owners new to your company, taking the time to help owners understand the ins and outs of your operational processes is critical to alleviating anxiety and reducing conflicts. Read more.

VRHP SERIES: Owner Expectations Versus Reality
By Shelia McCracken, General Manager, Taylor-Made Deep Creek Vacations & Sales
June 2021

Wear and Tear vs. Damages

Where do you draw the line on what is wear and tear and what is damage — especially over the past 12 months? As we all know normal wear and tear is completely different than a renter causing negligent or malicious damage. Wear and tear does come with increased use of the property and the furnishings. More wear and tear also come with omitting the opportunity to update the properties such as replacing fixtures and countertops after many years, as well as replacing furniture, appliances, and flooring. Read more.

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