VRHP Standards and Practices

All VHRP members are expected to abide by established standards and best practices (ratified in 1999) that include:

  • Member companies will pursue housekeeping excellence for their property owners and rental guests through the creation of professional certification programs for managers, front-line housekeepers, and quality assurance inspectors.
  • Member companies will always strive to provide their housekeeping employees with an enjoyable working environment, constantly stressing their important role in owner and guest satisfaction.
  • An accurate, timely, and courteous response will be given to all housekeeping issues of any owner or guest.
  • Every effort will be made to learn of and to comply with all local, state, and federal regulations that may apply to a housekeeping department.
  • It will be the goal of member companies to have an inspection done on each unit prior to a guest or owner arrival to assure the unit is done to an acceptable standard and that the unit is safe and secure.
  • All housekeeping staff members will be trained in proper and safe cleaning techniques and in unit security and in the OSHA Hazard Communication program.
  • No member company will allow any employee to smoke at any time in a rental unit.
  • The safety and security of its owners and rental guests will always be of paramount importance to members and thus, when cleaning bathrooms, a germicide will be used in every instance.
  • Member companies will assure that they have accurate lost-and-found records and items found in units will be retained in a secure location.
  • Owner and guest linens will be laundered in a manner that minimizes the potential for growth of harmful bacteria.
  • Each member company has a set of departure cleaning guidelines that are readily available to any owner or rental guest.

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VRHP Cleaning Guidelines (Updated April 2022)

VRHP/VRMA Cleaning Guidelines - English

VRHP/VRMA Cleaning Guidelines - Spanish/Espanol